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 User Friendly Mods.

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User Friendly Mods. Empty
PostSubject: User Friendly Mods.   User Friendly Mods. EmptyMon Oct 08, 2012 9:40 am

This was originally messaged to Husky, but decided to let all eyes see. It basically is a list of any modding that could be done to the forum to make it more user friendly.

The first thing I noticed that could be edited would be the uneeded "Welcome!" board. It's not necessary, there is already an "Introduce Yourself!" board that members have actually been posting in. Another reason to why it's uneeded is because under the forum title it direcetly says "Welcome to Cennet!". I just don't see the purpose of that board.

Secondly, I believe that the "Introduce Yourself!" board could be shortened to "Introductions!" as it says "Introduce Yourself!" In the description, too. (This is really not necessary. Just an opinion on grammar.)

Thirdly, The enitre "Questions" section is uneeded, as both the following boards are suppost to be included as a topic under the "FAQ".

Fourthly, where is says "Premade Markets" I'd edit the description to something such as "Premade poses, rooms, and any chat related art can be sold here. It's one of the ways to earn deltas or money."

Fifth of all, the "Freebie Empourium" description should define what the Freebie Empourium is actually for, not just how to use it. It should say something along these lines. "Post free art that can be used on chats here. Contact a admin if you want to add you freebies to the Freebie Emporium!"

Sixthly, this is not on a specific board, it's on several. Some of the boards definitions say something like "word word word!And sdosid" See the "!And" No sentence should start with "and", also there should be a space after any concluding punctuation. "word word word! Husdfks" shows better grammar and will lead to people respecting the forum as more intelligent.

Lastly, the only other thing I can point out is the obsessive use of explanation marks. It may show the site as happy, but it's also as if we're trying a little hard to attract viewers attentions. On the descriptions I'd use more periods to conclude sentences.

Thanks for reading this, I know it seems like a lot, but I'm positive it is useful information.
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User Friendly Mods.
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